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Hi i started out taking lsd and smoking pot. i only took lsd exctacy and shrooms all together about 10 times. then i quit. last time i took those drugs were years ago and im 20 now.
Last year in sept. i experienced panic attacks from smoking weed, my heart would pound, and i would struggle to breathe,, so i ignored it and smoked.
I recently quit and i still have these problems, also insomnia started last year at the same time of all this. Recently i started to feel very dizzy, i cant sleep barley ever, i feel unbalanced and my eyes are sensitive to light..
i read an article on hppd, and it said stuff about traces and static vision and shadows, but i had none of that, i only recently discovered i have static vision,, and i didnt notice it until i read on it.. its like static all on your visual field. and u see it at night better....'
but it doesnt affect my vision,, does this sound like hppd,, or something else,, who else has this????
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