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How your days goes??

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What you are doing to help recovery?
For me... im actually not doing much anymore. I spend my days inside. In beggining of my dp i was going out and trying to save myself but now im too lazy cause ive seen nothing works
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My days blow. I really don't do much anymore. I tend to only go out for non stressful leisure activities, and even then I don't enjoy them like I used to. I have severe spaciness/fatigue/off-balance sensations which are greatly exacerbated by physical exertion or stress, so I'm finding that I sort of have to treat myself with kid gloves whether I want to or not. Most of my time is taken up by escapism (video games/movies/painting/sketching). I spend the rest of my time dreaming of a better life, or doing something non-taxing that I can just lose myself in. I am suicidal and deeply depressed so I have to stick to whatever gets me through the days just to be able to hold on. I am also way too dependent on my medication, which numbs me to things but also makes me even more tired. Ultimately it all feels like a no-win situation, where life has just become a kind of endurance test rather than anything I'm actively participating or advancing in.
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3.5 years now, but 24/7 and with physical symptoms as well as psychological problems and lots of brain fog/cognitive decline. My only option was to medicate myself to the point of not caring too much, because the anxiety generated by all my symptoms was completely overwhelming.
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