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How would you explain how you feel to someone who hasn't experienced dp/dr?

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Hey Forum.

Just woke up and started thinking about diffrent things you can say to explain how you are feeling and i would like you guys to comment a good and short sentence about how you would explain your symtoms to someone / your reality..

Before bed yesterday i came up with that it kinda feels like you just woke up from a long nights sleep and ontop of that you had 2 low % beers. Also please comment if you agree on what i came up with xD

Before dp/dr i remember after sleeping a long time, directly when you woke up it took a while for the brain to really wake up.. (i guess this could be a personal thing depending on how good your sleeping routines, overall health is etc etc) but i think we can all agree on that sometimes it takes a while for our brain to really wake up.. ;)

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