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Hey everyone, I have a question for you, does your family support you in this time in your life when you're dealing with dpdr?
I'm 20 and I have dp and some dr for a year know maybe more cause my memory is so foggy and disorganised, when I told my parents what I have they told me I'm overreacting or making it up, and afterwards they acted like I never told them, I'm in therapy now and realizing that they've wronged me and hurt me, and now in addition to the dpdr I have difficulty sleeping and I'm easily startled and some sounds make me shrink in fear, the problem is my house, for the longest time it was so diffcult for me to be there because it was all so strange and unfamilier and my family to, they feel like strangers to me and I'm supposed to love them and I do but in the same time I can't be around them and they don't understand why.I moved out last week and I feel better now that I've done it but my family thinks that I'm doing this to punish them, and they don't understand that it's not my fault and I'm just trying to get better
Does anyone have any suggetions what to do? How to make them understand, I don't wanna hurt them anymore.
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