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How to remember information about DP with blank mind

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Hi there,

I've spent months researching this condition and have come across so much valuable knowledge, inspiring stories and advice. I've reached several profound insights on my own, insights I perceived be so powerful they would be impossible to forget. However, I've realised this condition overrules all logic. None of the knowledge or insights seem to "stick".
I can make an important decision based on something I've learned - and 5 minutes later I forgot all about it. When I'm in my worse dissociative states, all my previous experiences, knowledge and profound insights are gone. I'm just navigating through the day like a confused zombie. I can have some thoughts, buy they are often fragmented and not much of use.

I've tried writing instructions and advice down in order to remember - but once I'm "down" I can't even remember to go look in my notes. And even if I do, I barely have the tools to comprehend what I've written.

Do you guys have any advice on how to remember?

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