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How to get truly cured (DPDR, Mind blankness, Emotionless, Deattached from reality)

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Probably my first and last post ever. I am a medical student from Denmark, been suffering from this shit for quite some time now until I found a pattern in what cures people.


For those of us that got cured of this awful condition, It's really a matter of the power of belief. The DPDR sufferers tend to have this thought "IS IT THIS, IS IT THAT, IS IT PSYCHOSIS, IS IT THIS SHIT?" Until they actually lean towards on side and actually conclude what they are going through.

FOR some poeple they say, okay it was just anxiety, so I'll be cured with time, for some other people they say "god this must be a sign, it is a spiritual awakening", other people might think, oh this is a brain damage let the pill do its work (if they truly believe the pill will cure them, it will), some people relate it to the thyroid dysfunction that causes symptoms close to DPDR, but it has nothing to do with it essentially, but knowing this was a problem in their body they directly relate it to thyroid dysfunction and they believe that was the problem of their DPDR SO they believe if that's cured then everything is cured. Some people are so full of belief that they take a blood test and see that their testosterone count was too low, which has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with DPDR, but they believe that might be the problem, therefore it will get solved.

This all gets me to one conclusion and simply one: This shit is just in your head, but truly relating it to a problem that you had in your biological being, that would make this so much easier, because then you can simply fix that and DPDR would be gone.

How am I recovering? Simply by labeling all this to one thing and one thing only, anxiety, in that way, I knew how to deal with it. Spirituality might work for you, who knows? we are all different, and spirituality is often the unexplainable and might easily be related to DPDR. Since you can get experiences that are so powerful, that you might think "okay this had to be a sign". Walkingzombie (a well-known fella in this forum) found spirituality as a solution.

So find out what you want to believe in that caused your DPDR, then dedicate yourself to that.
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