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How to fix medication induced dpdr

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I’m not sure but when I upped my zoloft I got dpdr again. I was also going throw a two week stressful time so I’m not sure which the dpdr is from. I’m off the zoloft and switched back to paxil. If i stoped the zoloft will the dpdr go away after awhile, I’m not sure how long it takes to get out of my system. I know no one on here really knows the answer but I need to ask anyways. I don’t want to stay like this. I miss my life so much and the fear of maybe never getting that back is killing me
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I used to be on paxil and it made this better before but I had to switch to zoloft because I got pregnant. It worked at a small dose but I was starting to get anxious and that’s when I upped it and this happened.
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