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How to cure Depersonalization in three simple steps.​


Depersonalization is a state of mind where you feel unreal and emotionally numb. The environment around you seems unfamiliar, strange and almost fake as if it were made of plastic.

People then begin to feel changes in themselves, where they begin to question if anything is real or if anything exists. Eventually, they become so engrossed by these thoughts; they begin to believe them.

What causes these sensations?

A series of events may trigger this feeling of being 'unreal' that would varry from anxiety, panic attacks, mental trauma, etc. (e.g. a person may have witnessed a horrific incident that could cause him/her to feel this way, temporarily.)

How long does this last?

Not for very long. If you have previously experienced visual distortions, chances they have probably subsided by now. All that remains are worrying, intrusive thoughts that seem overwhelming and almost impossible to overcome.

If still experience visual distortions you are most likely still overwhelmed by these events and are overly anxious (constantly on edge). Regardless, both of these disturbances can be overcome very easily.

Why do people continue to feel this way?

Interestingly, this has much less to do with the root cause and more to do with the strange thoughts the person experiences on a frequent basis.

Here is the pattern:

1- Thought arises telling the person that nothing is real, nothing feels real.

2- The person then believes the thought and acknowledges it.

3- Then the person feels boggled and confused, questioning the validity of his thoughts.

The cycle repeats.​

What do thoughts have to do with feeling unreal?

When you touch something, feel something, or say something, you would experience thoughts in your mind telling you what you are touching does not feel or seem real. When you are talking, the same thought arises telling you that it is not you speaking, that the words coming out of your mouth are automated and you have no control over it.

Some people believe these thoughts, even though they know they are not true.

Only when a person believes these thoughts does he become an observer. Which is something that many people complain about.

How do we cure Depersonalization and reduce the intensity of these thoughts?

There are three simple steps that should be taken when facing these situations. With daily use and practice they will become second nature.

1- Realize that these thoughts are not yours. (Any deceitful thoughts that would cause you mental pain, wasting of time, etc.) e.g. Thoughts of feeling unreal fit in all these categories.​
(1- Deceitful = Not true 2- Mental Pain = Stress, Anxiety. 3- Wasteful = Analyzing and evaluating)

2- Don't believe the thoughts. (You might think theres something more, don't believe the thoughts, they are not true. They shouldn't be analyzed or evaluated, they will simply waste your time.)

3- Don't blame yourself for having these thoughts. (Self-blame will cause you to fall back into the viscous cycle, you will begin to feel depressed > worrying thoughts arise > anxiety.

How does this help?

By implementing these 3 simple steps into your daily routine, you will eliminate the feeling of Depersonalization as well as anxiety.

1- You will not be troubled by the thoughts, because they don't belong to you. (Reduces thinking about thoughts)

2- You will not believe deceitful thoughts that only aim to cause you mental pain. (Reduces anxiety)

3- You will not blame yourself for having these thoughts and will learn to deal with them more effectively in a healthy way. (Reduces the likelihood of falling into a depressed state)​

I hope this helps and benefits you all as much as it has helped me.

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pretty does that mean you rewire your brain not to think in such a way?

So the more you ignore the thoughts and practice being mindful might this help rewire you brain?
Yes, I guess you could put it that way. It's not just about ignoring the thoughts, it's about realizing that these thoughts are not true. Therefore you shouldn't believe them (you wont feel anxious), and you won't be thinking about them (since they are not true).

So, the less you think and worry about untrue, irrational thoughts, the less you feel anxious and eventually the feelings of Depersonalization go away naturally.

It rewires your brain in a sense that if you it regularly, it becomes habit and eventually second nature so you wouldn't have to think hard about how to deal with the situation.

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easier said than done when you feel really unreal, very hard to ignore it, especially when it is with you 24/7 like mine, just awful feeling a stranger to yourself.....
I disagree. I previously thought the same, until I took the first step, then it became so effortless that I glided through the whole thing. A perfect analogy would be similar to a child riding his bicycle for his first time without help of training wheels.

I think you see where I'm going with this...

My advice would be to just try this for one week at least, and I guarantee you if conducted properly, can rid you of these thoughts and feelings.
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