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How to concentrate on present w/o freaking out?

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Hi Janine (and others),

How do you concentrate on present without feaking out? I feel like I am always on the moon and I have much trouble to concentrate on the present. When I do derealization get's worse and dp too. But it's

Also, why do my memory doesn't work when it's suppoed to? Why, example, can't I remember what I will do in the PM, when I am doing other thigns in the AM? It's like I have 2 seconds short term memory. It's REALLY frighening me. It's like I can't think properly. I just act, not think. Sometimes I even forget simple things I have to do in the day.. Where is my memory and why it's like that since my delivery? What happened?

Before I was thinking of tomorrow, what I will just do, who I will talk to, prepare myself mentally for this or this event, picture mentally past actions or future ones, etc. Now I have ) memory, it's not normal.

Thanks for your answers, Janine, if you read this one :)

C xxx
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SoulBrotha said:
Im not sure I understand what you just said
SB - I don't want to offend you, but I see your posts are very often - even repeatedly - quite rude and disrespectful oneliners. If you don't have anything positive to post, why not post anything? You have heard this sentence before, but you don't seem to learn to be more constructive. Just my two cents.
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