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How to better accept DP?

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When I was 14 I struggled with DP/DR from smoking weed. I cant remember when it actually went away or how long it took, but eventually it did I just don't remember it being as bad as it is today. My DP/DR started in February of this year when I was pregnant. Nothing stressful had happened and nothing had really changed except my husband went away for a month and that is when it initially started. I was having trouble sleeping, and eating. I cant imagine why that would trigger DP/DR though? Today I am so far down in DP/DR I feel like I am going to lose my mind at any given moment, and forget my entire life. It is such a struggle living everyday trying to embrace and take in our new life with my son when I don't feel like he is even real and that truly just breaks my heart :cry: Everyone feels like a robot to me and my mind is so blank and dead I feel like I am forgetting every moment of everyday, yet if someone asks me something I can remember everything perfectly. I am desperate to find anything to make this go away fast so I can embrace this beautiful life I get to live with my son. I have heard that accepting this makes things so much better but it is so hard when I look around and feel like I am constantly in a daydream in a hole I cant get out of. I don't even know how I am a functioning human being. I see a psychologist and I cant get in to see a psychiatrist until January 9th. I have tried meditation and I am currently on Prozac, but my doctor recently switched me to Wellbutrin a few months ago and THAT made my DP/DR even WORSE. So now I am trying to get that out of my system and let the Prozac maybe bring me back a little. I am so lost, and I just wish this would go away or that I had more motivation to make it go away its so tiring trying to deal with all of this alone.
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I also have a son and i totally understand your pain, he is five. I was wondering for a long time what does it mean to accept it, and i came to a conclusion that to accept means to be ok with the thought that it may never go away and you have to live it no matter what paying less attention to this pain. I'm at the point when i truly accepted it, but it's still very hard to live along with dp.For example today is a really bad day for me, i feel suicidal and i don't want to live and feel all these exhaustion and intrusive thoughts. I forgot what does it mean to feel normal and do not have a proper hope that it will ever go away. In your situation, don't give up, if it went away once, maybe your body can adjust and it will go away again.
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