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So i was thinking about this today, being the first day of football n all, go rams yeah yeah


this is how i am thinking of conquering dp

lets say dp is a football field, 100 yards

every good positive day, is a inch up that field, and every good week overall, is 1 yard

its a up hill climb, shit aint easy, and we have to take this day by day, and take it by weeks

every good day is a healing day, a day of getting better

so every good day is a inch up that field

every bad day is 2 inches back

since having dp, i always find when i inflict something negative on myself, and create a problem in my head, it usually takes 2-3 days to overcome that problem naturally, hince by a bad day is 2 inches back

so when ur having a bad day, might as well shake that shit off, or ur gonna be 2 days behind and holding urself on progression

so like i said, every week, we get a yard up that field, and u never kno, just like in football, we might be at the 50 yard and break that tackle then off to the races, touchdown and dp is over

u kno we just gotta be greatful, its dp yall, not cancer, thank u god for my blessings

God is watching all of us, he is testing us, its a battle yall, at the end of this, the reward will be so sweet

keep this in mind yall

start having good bless days

god bless all

and a great month is 10 yards, well be making great leaps

alright god bless yall
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