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How this sounds

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I feel like im living in my head. But im not understanding it or realising it. Heres never ending conversation in my head. My head feels heavy. I feel out of control. Someone here telling me all the lies. I dont undertsand what im having and im panicking over it. All is so dreamlike. This have lasted many months. I feel i have died but im living now in my memory.
Nothing is clear.nothing gives me any relief. Nothing shows me whats going on. I feel im just stupid and mot understanding something. But i feel my brains are not working anymore.
Is this depersonalization.
I know this sounds like it. But im not sure anymore. This can be psychosis? But why it lasts so long. I take nothing seriously anymore and thinking just like nahh... This will leave me. But at the same time i dont believe it will if i dont do something and fast.
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When i watch something or do something it will just be in my head like crazy. When i watch a video where someone talks. I will hear that talk when i go to sleep. Like they are talking to me. Everything is just so bad. Like my brain have died. What if i have something serious there
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