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how many of these do you feel you connect with?

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hey! third post today!

just thought this might be interesting. i didn't put it as a poll because a lot of people feel more than one of these. just write yes or no or sometimes

feeling "imaginary":
feeling "cartoony":
feeling like your body does not belong to you:
have a hard time making friends and an even harder time keeping them:
feeling like your brain is extremely cluttered:
not recognizing yourself in the mirror:
feeling like your childhood was a movie you only saw once:
unable to concentrate:
memories and thoughts fly at you faster than you can process:
feeling less real when other people are around:
vision/auditory fuzz:
forgetting where you are, even when it's your own home:
have trouble remembering faces, even your own mother's:
home feels foreign:
close friends or family feel foreign:
forgetting your best friend's name:
"dreamlike state" (that's a dead give away):

add more if you like.

more added from other members and myself!

fear of disappearing:
fear of going crazy:
head "ringing" (may be the same thing as tinnitus, I don't know):
despair over loss of former life:
body aches:
hopeless case:
feeling deeply sad:
panick attacks:
feeling like you've kind of lost hours in your day, you remember it but it's like you weren't there or it's not really you who were there:
feeling lost in space and time - feacky:
feeling like you act yourself, everybody recognize you but not yourself:
speach-studdering, mixing words together, etc:
Feeling you live in a nightmare/bad dream:
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Dear Magneto,
Thats your sinuses. You should see your GP or an ear nose and throat guy- ESPECIALLY if you have ringing in your ears. It may or may not help your DP/DR, but it seems like a lot of people on here have ringing in the ears, earaches, and sinus trouble. I think it might have to do with a certain body type which is predisposed to DP.

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