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How long does a DP episode last for you?

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I was wonder how long everyone experiences this? I will have minutes and hourse where things just dont look and feel right! I will have days where things seem wrong! It is a matter of severity! Like all day today I have felt like I was in DP reality but in a mild way. A few weeks ago I had about 2 or 3 hrs where I swore I was still dreaming when I got out of bed!! I was convinced something wasnt real and then convinced myself it was and made it past it and then was pretty "normal" the rest of the day!

So I ws wondering how everyone experiences this? Do you have minutes and hours that are intense like me and then whole days that are just sorta fpoggy but not too bad? Do you have whole days where you feel "normal"? How often does it come on? Please share!
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foggy head is a good way to explain it I guess. Like I feel hazy all day! I also have a constant lack of concentrationa dn I also have an anxiety disorder (self diagnosed). I am always thinking ... fearing something bad because of this unreal feeling! I am actually in the midst of a breakup and it is very hard in general. This is a 4yr BF and father of two of my children. Alos, he knows me and I am comfortable with him and it feels so comforting and safe to be around him when I am in the grips of a DP melt down! It is so scarey to think I will be without that now :( !
As I read your replies and think of the definition of DP I found on this site I realize that i have to be DR not DP! I have a total sense of self! I dont get those weird feelings like I dont exsist I get feelings like my world doesnt exsist... much like the difinition I found here: like I am on an uninvited acid trip! I feel as though I am a part of the reality but watching it go on as if an actor in a play. I still have all my emotions and feeling I just fear I will realize I really am dreaming one day! Or come to find out the reality I always knew was wrong!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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