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How long did it take you to get better?

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I'm just curious as to how long it took recover for those who've gotten better.

I've KNOWLINGLY had this for almost 12 months now, and have spent that time trying to recover, and have only noticed minimal improvement -

I'm still completely disconnected from myself, the DP/DR is just as strong as it ever was, in fact it's probably worse; the only difference being I'm not flipping out all the time about whats wrong with me.


So yeah, who long did it take you to get better - did you suffer any setbacks?
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my initial chronic dp state lasted for about 7 months before it started to ease off. that took, with a few ups and downs but generally going in the right direction, a further few months. after that were a few years when i would be in occasional dp states usually due to using alcohol or substances. when not taking anything i was fine for years. latest episode lasted a few months while building up, a couple of months in a bad state(although not the same as the initial chronic state) and its been a few months now of it lessening, thank God.
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