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How long can normal people experience DP after extacy?

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I was just wondering what you guys think. I read that normal people can experience DP after a hit of extacy.

In that case, does it go away or does it stay with you forever?

Just a question
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I had my first dp attack the night after taking exstacy whilst smoking cannabis, and i know a fair few others here have also. For me it has been 2 yrs on and i still have dp, i have had my ups and downs but it is still with me.

i know of one person here who had exstacy induced dp and for him it dissapeared after about 1 yr. i really do think it depends, but it can indeed stay for a very long time.


I didnt mean to worry you, it is by no means certain how long it will be with you. The person who had their dp disappear over the course of a year as far as i can remeber was Martinelv, but I dont think he posts much here anymore (as far as i know) as he is dp free now.

As for the chemical processes going on, there are many theories as to what causes and cures is, we just dont know. Please dont panic about it, the more you think and worry about this the worst it gets!! Believe me!!

I am not the one to offer advice on which drugs help as i dont use them, but i know alot of people here will be able to help with that question

Sorry if this is scary

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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