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Another time I will explain how my DPDR started, but I was really deep in it and still I am in this state however it is better manageable. I want to share some insights in this state and hopefully it helps the people who are really deep in it.

Because DPDR ensures you are on a differnt manner aware of your senses and do not feel emotion it is such confusing. But this rise the question for the most of the people in this state, are my sense and feeling still in tact? Does it still work like before?

The answer is yes. Your feeling is still there because if you have no feeling and no thoughts, how can you can you be so upset about this state? Think about it. Somewhere in your brain there is still emotional activity and thoughts otherwise you would not come up with this emotional statement about your current state. It is impossible to have lost your feeling. Yes it i possible to be not aware of feelings, but also in a normal state you are sometimes not aware of your feelings until you focus on these.

But it is so strange that there can be feelings, and senses while you are not aware of it: because before this state you were always aware of this. The same is for senses. Although you feel you lost your senses i can guarentee you that if there would be a LOUD sound you will notice uncounciously and process the information. Maybe you will look into the danger and because this sense (eyes) is also blocked due the DPDR you think you do not react to the danger and thinks: i will go crazy. But that is the strange thing, in reality you will register the danger and you process the danger also with your other senses (smell, eyes etc). Then you will come to a conclusion, oh it is just a glass that is falling from the kitchen and you don't have to move. The thing is, normally you are a lot more aware of these actions and thoughts of your brain, now it is uncounciously. Yes that is to sad. But before DPDR there were also a lot of things that we processed uncounciously maybe 95% of the things, compared to the 98% procent in a DPDR state.

One thing that is me keeping alive is the statement: well why not doing the best as i can? Maybe I will die but I also will die when I am doing nothing except sitting and complaining. So I can try, maybe it will not help, maybe it will. Anyway, if you think: OH I AM FEELING NOTHING, SO I DONT HAVE TO MATTER ABOUT EATING RIGHT OR EXCERCISE or other good habits you are making a big mistake. Because your feelings are still intact, and you still feel stress, but it is more uncounciously, but it still there. And you are feeling this deep deep inside your brain. So why not doing something that might help you. I found a new hobby: golf.

Wish you all the best!
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