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How is everyone today!?

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I am having pretty good day! Yesterday and today actually! DR free both days and virtually anxiety free! Just enjoying the nice weather! I was just wondering how everyone else here is doing today!? :D
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My DP now seem to be like a depressive DP, first thing in the morning at work really badly DP'd and no identity, bad "who am I" and nervous of myself, then afternoon seems a bit better, evening I am not 100% but feel lots better than the morning. So my DP seems to be worse in the morning and ease as the evening arrives.

I hate this though, have been like this for 4 months, I know there is a normal "me" somewhere just don't know where she is....

So as concerns today, not scared to death or terrified, but uncomfortable and not happy.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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