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How is everyone today!?

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I am having pretty good day! Yesterday and today actually! DR free both days and virtually anxiety free! Just enjoying the nice weather! I was just wondering how everyone else here is doing today!? :D
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not too bad today,been decorating the front room have to get it finished by the 13th september as my dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer and has to go into hospital for a major operation so he will be recovering for a while...
had a nice drive earlier and just been for a walk around the block..the dp is with me 24/7 (nothing changes)but such is life
hi martin
he goes into hospital on the 13th of september,i havnt really said much about my family situation as i didnt want any sarcastic remarks from the usual suspect,but its been horrific and it still is for example my mum and dad had 2 visitors yesterday and all the talk consists of now is illness and death,it feels like im in some kind of black hole with the only sanctuary being the mum has been ill with gallstones and now she has shingles through stress and my dad has had one problem after the other and now they say that they might have to actually remove the lung...but all i can do (which i have been doing) is the housework and now im decorating the front exhausted very very exhausted
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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