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How incapacitating can DPRD be for you?

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I am well used to pacing slowly through my DPRD symptoms to get basic practicalities achieved, though it is so trying. I am patient with myself, taking things slowly to interpret body and environment enough to find some path each day. However, often I have to stop for a day, when DP and DR preclude ability to move about and interact with 'reality'. There is just not enough awareness. I then have to lie down all day, which is boring but necessary. Then I get more done the following day. How frequently does DPRD stop you like this? I.e. it 'removes' you so much that you have to rest from trying to have a presence in the world and just allow a crash out day? Thanks.
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I am totally out of it at times, kinda feel lost in a world of my own, I take valium to kind mellow me at a bit.

It does not directly impact my functionality although the debilitating thoughts and feelings almost make it impossible for you to concentrate and keep your sanity.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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