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Hey guys, first I go for negative part then positive part
I was listening to TV (I can't watch TV since I have DPDR) there was a man who suddenly killed someone (he didn't want this to happen it was suddenly) and he went to prison for 11 years (i won't go to more details ) when I was listening to him I felt so bad for him and it triggered anxiety depression pressure on my head and DPDR got a way worse but I didn't panic I went out I visited my relatives I'm better now
I thought nothing can trigger high anxiety anymore

And my vision is really messed up I hope it gets better or at least it don't get worse than this

Positive part
I could obsess about something else! Yes something could interest that much that I could forget about DP for hours and just think about that
It was Tolkien books (the hobbit, lord of the rings) I can feel a little bit alive I can feel emotions I can feel my old self a little bit when I'm reading these books

Another thing is I'm trying to listen to music all the time I have all kind of music rock pop rap country calming music happy music ,I stay away from depressing songs
When I forget about DP and focus hard on music I can enjoy it

Wish you all the best
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