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For over a year I have been suffering symptoms of this soul destroying, life sucking, B*****d of a disorder/whatever it is. For a while I was panicking a lot, then I felt so much self pity, then I felt empty for months and now I'm just gonna sort it before I drive myself crazy.

  1. Firstly, I'm just not gonna pay attention to it. I will acknowledge that it's there but I wont react to it or ignore it, just leave it. Acceptance. Pay attention to reality and what your senses are picking up rather than what you're thinking or how your senses are detecting things.
  2. Next, i'm gonna face my fear/anxiety/demons. I have developed an almost crippling social anxiety so tomorrow i'm gonna face it.
  3. Next, i'm cutting out all false realities. Personally, I've found that getting lost in a book or video game etc. is just like denying it and for me it resulted in a feeling of emptiness.
  4. Then, no more pondering philosophical questions that i'm never gonna be able to answer because it's just counter-productive. For people suffering anxiety, this also involves having an "I don't give f***" attitude to the "what if this happens" questions that build up. These questions just make anxiety worse and so when I start hearing these, i'll just distract myself.
  5. Hobbies - Pretty self-explanatory, i'm just gonna pick up a ton of new hobbies to keep me interacting with the outside world. I think this will also help me re-associate and re-attach myself to my body and the real world.
  6. No isolation - I spend almost all my time alone and this makes the robotic, soulless vibes I get from other people worse.
  7. Finally, only positives. - gratitude for what I have because compared to people in Somalia, I'm filthy rich and compared to people in North Korea, it's like I can do whatever I want. Gratitude is one of the things that helped me steer clear of the suicidal tendencies and I think it can help with all things like DP/DR

That's more or less it... The point of this is partly to see if this helps anyone else and also I want to know if there's anything I missed that has helped others.

Finally, someone once told me that facing a fear is like jumping in front of a train.
You're stuck in a dark tunnel (The DP/DR tunnel) and there is a train coming to take you out. The problem is, the train is moving and you have to jump in front of it so it can carry you out. When it hits you, you'll realise it cant hurt you and it's gonna safely carry you out. When you face a fear it's so scary right up until you're doing it, then your unconscious just realises that it's ok and you no longer have to be afraid.

Of course, that was just what my mate said... he might be full of sh**.

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Okay, listen :) Over a year has passed, don't look back on it, you didn't do what you had to and that is the main reason why you feel the way you do. I was in the same boat.
Your mate wasn't full of shit, he was actually right, but of course it sounds much easier than it actually is.
All of the things you said in your post that you're gonna do are great and should be done.
And please, read trough recovery stories, especially first pinned post there, everything is explained there.

It works and i know it does because i was two years without derealization but it came back again recently, but, that's because i
did all the wrong things after my derealization was gone. It's my own fault, there was too much 'what if's', comfort zones etc. But this time it's much easier to cope with it and now i know what to do.

Also, i can see from your post that you suffer from social anxiety and probably anxiety in general, and you MUST deal with it FIRST. In my opinion, this is the most crucial thing to do and it should be adressed first.
I am diagnosed with anxiety disorder with panic attacks, and I know how crippling it can be to do anything under influence of that thing. So, if you wanna overcome whatever you think you also have,
I assure you, your anxiety is a big big part of that if not the main reason you're feeling the way you are and it should be adressed first.

Listen man, everything you feel, every thought, sensation, every bizzare feeling that maybe you think only you have, i assure you, almost everybody here went through that stuff.
To make a long story short, if you would like to know more details about anything feel free to message me.
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