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How does DP/DR affect your sexual life (if at all?)

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Does it affect your libido, your performance, your perception of your partner? I've had problems keeping an erection lately and was wondering if DP/DR could have anything to do with it. Obviously, it's a stressful situation and DP/DR doesn't help but I was wondering if it could be the root of the problem. Anyways, I know I'm not becoming impotent in the classical sense, judging by the perfect erections I sometimes have when I wake up. Not sure if I should go see a doctor or a shrink. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I'm just trying to find out the cause of this problem.
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worst thing i ever did was mix grapefruit juice with a a buttload of shrooms. worst day of my life. :(

effexor made me so numb physically and emotionally that i went out and screwed as much as i could cause i was so desperate to feel something. and plus i just didnt care. i felt like nothing could hurt me and there were no consequences and if there were i wouldnt have cared anyways.

i notice though that wellbutrin may be effecting my drive now cause i rarely.. if EVER get horny. i mean i do.. but its like it doesnt matter like i could live without it and libido is more of a niusance than anything else. i got better sh!t to do than waste time playing with myself. :roll:
:shock: GAH.

thats EXACTLY what i have. if im in a situation where i have to talk about my emotions and feelings i feel totally backed into a corner. especially when it comes to expressing love for another person and even more when it comes to expressing love for a person i really really love. it tricks me into thinking that i must not really love that person if i cant show them and tell them how much i love them. thats why im so quick to use a "ahhh f#ck it who cares" and bury my head in the sand. both of my parents have this as well. i mean they tell me they love me all the time.. but its always either goofing around or making light of it or feeling awkward when saying it. giving hugs is like painful for me. being all touchy feely is nasty to me i hate it it makes me feel trapped. but at the same time it makes me incredibly depressed because i dont think ive ever actually made love its always been just plain old screwing. even when i do know i love that person.. it still feels very mechanical to me like im going through the motions and the whole time i feel totally detached. i guess it wouldnt be a big deal if i didnt know in my heart thats not what i really want. i want to feel a connection but i barely feel connected with myself so how am i supposed to connect to my partner?? :(
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