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How do you do to cope????

Man this DR is hitting me hard, I am so afraid! How do you do? Am I the only stupid one who want it so bad to end it with DP and want to try anything?

Sometimes I wonder how you do.... other times I don't understand why people don't search more... other times I think I am the worse in the forum :) I see people working, and having a good time (sometimes), and not searching for a cure or something, and I really wonder how they do. I feel weak in front of all of you.

Derealization..... it's the more frightening. I want so much to end this.

Sorry Gstile :) I needed to vent again :) :oops:


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i am not sure which is worst for me at the moment.....the dp or dr...i think it is the dp which is the one that feels more like it is just killing me inside...

i have no idea how i cope...

i know i am not the worst off here...

i could have something worse...although i cannot help but think that dp/dr are one of the worst things you can experience..

i suppose what keeps me going is the fact that i have to...

life carries on and you have no choice but to carry on with it...

i do not want to waste my life either...i want to make a difference...i want to have a purpose and forfil that purpose...

i want to help others and make my life worth living...

the point is you CAN get better and although i do not know when that is going to happen for me...i would rather live to find out how good life can be...

one day you will wonder why you ever thought all this and felt all this and so will i and so will we all...even if it only lasts 5 minutes...

i mean no offense to you when i say this Karine...but i think you need to stop purely relying on meds to cure you...

they might help you out but at the end of the day you are a person...not just a chemical factory...

you need to try and help yourself as well as letting meds try and help you...

but like have to find out what will help you the most :)

everyone is different and there is so much out there to try...

sometimes i feel like i have tried everything but that is not posible...

you need to step out the comfort zone if everything within your comfort zone has not helped...

that is what i am going to do...i am shit scared of doing it but might just help!

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Hi Karine,

I read your other post earlier. I can relate. I was pretty bad this morning and I just took a benadryl to "kill the pain." It worked pretty good. It knocked me out for about 5 hours :)

Since you just came off of paxil, there may be a chance that that is messing you up so bad. I came off of it about 2 years ago and felt really out of it, DP through the roof for about 6 weeks. My DP was also alot worse when taking the stuff and I recall you saying that it made you feel the same.

I would say that if you're feeling absolutely desperate or that you cannot take it much more that you could go to the hospital. Don't let yourself suffer needlessly. I hope you feel better. This will be over soon.

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Thanks you 2.

I really hope I will be better. I KNOW Paxil doesn't help (withdrawal). I may try Luvox, at least there is no withdrawal like Paxil. Of all I tried this is the worse withdrawal.


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