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So about 3 weeks ago I had a realization while reading one of the articles somebody posted on here. It felt so profound that my depersonalization/ derealization seemed to almost instantly disappear and it almost felt like I beat it into submission. The realization that I had was that it is ok and perfectly normal to have fears as long as those fears are real fears. However, the reason I was feeling so petrified of life and everything was that I was fearing fear itself which is pointless. I repeated this to myself over and over and found it very useful to explain to myself and understand why I was having these existential thoughts. It felt like a huge breakthrough and I can honestly say I did not focus on being depersonalized for that 3 week time period very much at all. It felt like I was on the road to a full recovery. However, Sunday night the thoughts started coming back and when I tried to employ my new strategy it didn't seem to help as much. Today I am feeling fully depersonalized again which pisses me off because I thought my dp/dr was gone. Can anyone think of any reason why my dp/dr has come back. I have just been trying to do everything I would normally do but I guess that is not enough. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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