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I have had issues when I was younger but nothing trauma, I have times of anxiety and ocd but I am a happy person ( was ). I do obsess about body functions I guess is called pure o ocd. Right before I got this I had been obsessed with my breathing and always felt like I couldn’t get a big enough breath (3 weeks) stoped when this started because I had worse things to worry about now. I also started to worry about this coming back here the breathing began and bam it did. My guess and hope is that it is caused by anxiety and that meds can help me. I don’t believe this is just a random disorder plus Iv gotten over it twice before. And honestly it’s way scarier the more times you’ve had it. Anyways if this is anxiety related I need my medication to work and I need this to go away so I can live my old amazing life. Ps no matter how much I realize I have beat this before or that other people have recovered too, you still have I’ll believe you are doomed. So help bring me some hope please
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