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ive been on this antiphycotic for about a month, and it dulls ur person

which i dont like

but other then that, i was pretty dull b4 being on the medicine, as in my personality still hasnt found its way back

i use to be funny and loved life, now days fly by of me doing nothing

besides get fatter

and get looked at like im a waste and im just a cry baby bitch and y u act like this and y cant u get a job kinda bull crap


i know who i am, shit is just tough right now

can someone help me find myself again

my love 4 life

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Anti psychotics could have rewired ur biochemistry. But dont worry i believe our body is self regulating.

Health is fundamental to mental health. If ur body is strong, your mind will be stronger too.

If health is fundamental to mental health, nutrition is fundamental to health on the otherhand.

Your goal now is to eat properly.
- regular breakfast, lunch dinner
- clean carbs (rice potato starchy veggies) ideal weight in pounds a day e.g 100lbs means 100grams carbs a day for maintenance
- clean protein as steamed fish daily ideal weight in pounds at least e.g. 100 pbs means 100 grams of steamed fish
- boiled leafy veggies
- extra virgin olive oil 1 tk 2 tbsp per day
- certified organic pasteur fed egg yolks twice a week for choline (neurotransmitter)
- avoid all fried foods, sugar
- count calories make sure u are getting enough and not in excess

There could be an underlying health issue overlapping your mental issue such as hypothyroidism, low calorie diet, inflammatory diet that is toying w ur metabolism.

Try to fix this first.
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