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Hey everybody,

does anybody know how Jeffrey Abugel (author of "Stranger to My Self" and co-author of "Feeling Unreal") recovered from DPD?

If I remember correctly, he never revealed how he cured his DPD. In his book and in an interview on YouTube he says that he had DP for 11 years and that it took him 11 years to even get the right diagnosis (which means that he must have been cured shortly after he got the diagnosis).

I think it would be really interesting to know how he got cured.

Thank you! :)
Maybe he isnt cured and just manages it like some others (myself included in that category)

Im always wary of people who write books about recovery stuff but dont actually describe how they managed to do it...

Kinda screams of "Wooohooo I can make a quick few dollars from this" .....Its just like all the therapists who keep giving ya the "See ya next week" spiel but dont actually sort your DP problem out....
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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