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How could we use DP/DR ?

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How could we use DP/DR to make it worth it ?
Trying to move objects with our mind12.27%
Trying to go even deeper in DP DR and see what's out there613.64%
Trying to read people's mind24.55%
Take it as a form of meditation49.09%
Go out in schools and warn the people about that DP-related problem715.91%
Becoming more insane12.27%
Helping people with schysophrenia and other mental disease49.09%
Living head bowed down and do nothing12.27%
Take it as an opportunity to make ourself a new healthy life1840.91%
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Because I didn't know there were other people with this I'd come to accept over the years, through lack of any support, that I was going to be like this for ever. So, when it's not so bad and making me feel like I'm going nuts, I've kind of thought of it is constantly meditating.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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