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How could we use DP/DR ?

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How could we use DP/DR to make it worth it ?
Trying to move objects with our mind12.27%
Trying to go even deeper in DP DR and see what's out there613.64%
Trying to read people's mind24.55%
Take it as a form of meditation49.09%
Go out in schools and warn the people about that DP-related problem715.91%
Becoming more insane12.27%
Helping people with schysophrenia and other mental disease49.09%
Living head bowed down and do nothing12.27%
Take it as an opportunity to make ourself a new healthy life1840.91%
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I would say on my normal days (today was one of them) life is incredible. Reality is put back together, things are making sense to me, and I'm plugged into life. Whenever this thing goes away, I know that I will have been prepared to do something amazing. It has taught me a humility that I never thought I would comprehend. When you fall down on the bathroom floor at work crying your eyes out because you can't "feel" or comprehend anything and you're a grown man who everybody thinks is normal, it is humbling. It has put me in a better position to receive good things from God. I'm kind of dating a girl now and instead of looking for the next one, I'm focusing on her and realizing how cool it would be to be married and stuff. I would say that this is a living hell when you're going through it, but I really think that you have to train your mind. If you think about it, none of the unreal stuff is real. Get it? It's not real. Live like that and you'll beat it. I would say becoming a Christian and knowing the real God, not some made up God who makes everybody feel good and warm inside, has helped. Jesus Christ suffered immensely in this life but He was promised something on the other side by God. Hebrews 12 says that God scourges everyone he accepts as a son and He disciplines those He loves. Endure hardship as discipline. later
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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