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How common would you say it is for dpdr to last for years

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So I know you can’t say how long it’ll last but I see soooo many more people up here that have this for 5 7 10+ years and I know for a fact i can’t and won’t live with it for that long so is more common for people to have it this long or shorter ( and I don’t count the fact that it can be a fleeting feeling that goes away in seconds)
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Pretty common to be honest, or it looks like it idk. It's more common to have it fleeting though but that doesn't get reported that often. And I also said that what you said I won't live with it for that long yet I do.. the will to breath is greater believe me.
Instead of focusing on DPSH statistics, it might be more beneficial to focus on yourself and what you can do with the resources you have available to you. The recovery section contains several suggestions for things you can try to do to help get you out of this state. Some people swear by them, but nothing is a panacea.

Alternatively, you can try to find some way to just exist as comfortably as you can with it. As a long time sufferer, I can only speak from my experience that my ability to cope waxes and wanes. Sometimes I can find a certain niche existence that is quite livable, and even rather enjoyable in its own twisted way. Other times I’m just a mess.

What I’m trying to say is, there are options available to you, and everyone’s experience is different. DPSH stats will not determine how long you will be dealing with this, or how you will feel about it in the future.
dont get me wrong i know you guys know that it is possible to recover but i smell from your sentences some resistance to say „it is possible“ or „usually you should recover“. do you maybe deep in inner not believe that you will get rid of this?
Can I ask, What’s the first thing you will do when you recover? I guess partying months straight
this is the biggest mistake someone can make when it comes to imagining recovery. look recovery does happen approximately like this:

you live with the condition and deep in your brain this disorder is burned in. you carry on with your life, all the time with the symptoms. then the next stage comes. here you know that you have still symptoms, but they dont bother you anymore at all. real life problems becomes more and more priority. the thoughts in your head do circle more and more about daily stuff. but here, yet you have your symptoms. i think this stage is very important. if you get here in my opinion, even though you still have symptoms i would consider you as 75% recovered. stage three is, you begin to notice that everything becomes like you used to. the real joy and sense of beauty and love. the emotions become so strong you can not even walk straight out. you get tremor like sensations because of this „new“ emotions. the adaptation is pretty hard to this state. it is like a whole new thing. the last stage is to get this new state of mind to an usual and automatic thing. real life problems conquered already your thoughts completely. the amount of thinking about dpdr became maybe once per month. this was my way out of dpdr once but again, i did relapse and almost everybody i see here or somewhere else can not recover from the second episode. it makes me sometimes very hopeless but i almost accepted this as my new me, and my new life. others did maybe recovered differently but that was my own experience
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