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I think it's generally assumed that DP/DR - at least something more than a transient, fleeting feeling - is very rare indeed. Certainly the fact that the material available online is limited and that many don't even know about it would seem to suggest this.

But is it perhaps more common, albeit in a milder form, than we realize?

On a lot of anxiety forums I've seen it seems to be pretty common, and for many is one of the worst symptoms of anxiety. I even had a friend, without me saying anything first, mention how he sometimes feels "weird" and doesn't recognize himself in the mirror. I didn't say anything, and I rarely mention or ask others about DP/DR because I think they'll either assume I'm mad or am simply "making it up" to get attention.

Certainly myself, looking back, I'm almost certain that I'd had these feelings long before I had DP as severe as I do now; back then, though, it simply didn't bother me. If it wasn't for a few chance searches online I would have never been able to "put my finger" on what I was feeling anyway, I certainly wouldn't mention it to a Doctor.

Is it possible that more people experience these kind of feelings than is generally thought? Or is this just wishful thinking on my part and in fact these problems are incredibly rare indeed?
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