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The answer is you don't.

I always thought that I'd never be able to stop thinking about DP, because it was such a prevalent part of my life every day. I wondered how I could possibly remember what it felt like to be normal, like once I got this Dp feeling, I would forever think this way. It felt like I unlocked a secret part of my brain that I wasn't supposed to, and now that it was unlocked I could never undo the damage. That's how it felt mentally, something that I could never reverse. But here I am 2 weeks free of dp.

Everyone in recovery has their own methods of getting out of the rut, but they all boil down to changing what you believe, even if your rational mind knows it's untrue. What I mean is, your brain is altering the way you perceive things. You then realize that your reality seems a little off, then you start to believe that it really is off, then you question why you feel like that, then you try to find an explanation. That explanation tends to be a ridiculous one, such as thinking "maybe none of this is real". This thinking tailspins out of control until you freak yourself out in a continuous cycle.

But what if you told your brain that it's all a bunch of crap. Instead of thinking that nothing is real, think that it's just dp, it's just a symptom of anxiety and let it pass. When you pay attention to the negative or scary thoughts they then become relevant. But they're not relevant at all, you're just giving them the importance that they thrive on.

Think about it. You wake up every day, you're the same person every day. Nothing in the world has changed other than the way you perceive it. This is how I got rid of my dp. I recognized the useful thoughts from the useless thoughts. Okay so I felt weird, that doesn't mean I'm crazy or unreal, it just means my brain needs a rest to shift itself back into the reality that im used to living in. This is probably the single most important thing I've done to get rid of my dp. I try to embrace it when I do feel it, I think of it as a natural high if you will. Not something I need to be afraid of but rather something I can learn from. What did I do to get to this point? What can I do to get rid of it? Every moment that I do feel dp is another moment to learn how to cope with it and to defeat it.

Stop being afraid. I guess that's the root of this post. Fear is a pointless emotion, it accomplishes nothing. Stop believing things that you know aren't true, because you do know the difference. Stop thinking that you are stuck like this forever, because the fact is that's one of those useless thoughts.

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Apr 10 2015 01:17 PM

It felt like I unlocked a secret part of my brain that I wasn't supposed to, and now that it was unlocked I could never undo the damage. That's how it felt mentally, something that I could never reverse.
This is EXACTLY how I feel all the time. Except it's more like I discovered the true secret nature of the universe (that it's all an illusion) and that I will never be able to unthink these thoughts.

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Apr 10 2015 01:45 PM

Congrats for overcoming! Any tips that helped you??

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Apr 10 2015 02:32 PM

Acceptance is the biggest thing when it comes to recovering. People say that, and I always thought that they meant that I have to accept that I'm going to feel this way forever, but that's not what it means at all. It means stop thinking that there's something wrong with you. Stop obsessing over a feeling you can't explain. Stop questioning every little thought and emotion because it feeds dp.

What I learned when I accepted the feelings, is that I no longer wished them away. When your brain doesn't feel the need to hold on to those thoughts anymore, they no longer become important and the dp just goes away. You have to remember that there is a way of living without this and it's waiting for you. You think that you'll never undo the damage and could never forget how to conjure up the feeling again, but you will forget. One day you'll forget what dp even felt like and wonder why you ever wasted your time on something so unimportant.

Right now you might not believe that, I didn't. But it's true. When you recover, you really recover. Dp will just be a distant memory that will fade altogether.
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