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Recently, I have had awful derealization. Thinking nothing is real, trying to make sense of it all and worrying how everything is atoms and how its so CONVENIENT how everything works together (atoms. energy, everything). Its made me feel so strange that I can't even think about anything else or feel real about anything. The literal instant I think about anything to do with science, life or people I detach from reality..

Part of me thinks nothing is real, and the other thinks im being stupid? Like an internal fight between my worrisome side and logical side that knows I'll never get the answer.

The problem is I want to be a physicist, and the thought of it makes me trip out - I'm even restarting my A levels to accommodate Maths and Physics. And I'm to derealized I can't even comprehend the physics in a car, or how simple mathematics work.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for reading.

I would also like to add i normally get DR/DP during times of stress and it is clear that I'm susceptible to it, but this time is different because I've got these science is fake thoughts making it impossible to not think about it. Its stupid because I don't believe in God(s) because I don't see the proof but I am thinking nothing is real and how atoms are so weird just because I say so.
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