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how can i lose 1 stone (14lb's) in the shortest time

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im feeling can i lose weight quickly ?
i dont care how unethical it is (well apart from laxatuves etc...)but i want to lose weight quickly as i feel like a real fat lazy bastard lately...i want to do this without having to go running or working out as well...walking is ok ;)

all the best

a fat jc
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Hmmm.....I just got back from the doctor's, and I've lost 11 pounds in about 2 weeks. Thats not good, actually. Hopefully nothing serious, but I havent been doing a whole lot of exercising of late. JC, if you stop drinking and do ANYTHING to stay on your feet all day, and even add a high protein diet, the pounds will just melt off. I actually think this is why I lost 11 pounds...I've been sitting around all year, and this week I've been on my feet all day long.

i have lost about 11pounds since giving up drinking,and now im exercising again....but its so frustrating having to constantly deprive yourself.....

i have been reading about the GI diet and it seems interesting but i usually eat three meals a day consisting of berries and lots of salad,fish,and the odd grilled chicken breast
I guess so SC. One must be humble when hung like a Shire Horse.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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