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how can i lose 1 stone (14lb's) in the shortest time

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im feeling can i lose weight quickly ?
i dont care how unethical it is (well apart from laxatuves etc...)but i want to lose weight quickly as i feel like a real fat lazy bastard lately...i want to do this without having to go running or working out as well...walking is ok ;)

all the best

a fat jc
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You need to create a clorie defecit. Try and eat 600 calories less than you burn each day. To put it very roughly I'm estimating that you (even though I've never seen you) burn about 2500 calories a day. Go for a forty minute run and you'll burn about 400 calories. Or just limit waht you eat. Rememebr a 600 calorie deficit.

There are aprox.
4 calories to 1 gram of protein
4 calories to 1 gram of carbohydrates
9 calories to 1 gram of fat

Also try and eat foods low on the glycemic index. Wholegrains are very good. Porridge oats are awesom. Your body burns them slower, meaning the calories are used more efficently (i.e. all is burnt for energy and very few, if any, are stored as fat). It also keeps you fuller for longer, so you don't snack as much Put simply you can't eat as much cos' you just wont' feel as hungry as you would if you ate high GI foods such as white bread, biscuits sugary foods etc.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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