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how can i lose 1 stone (14lb's) in the shortest time

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im feeling can i lose weight quickly ?
i dont care how unethical it is (well apart from laxatuves etc...)but i want to lose weight quickly as i feel like a real fat lazy bastard lately...i want to do this without having to go running or working out as well...walking is ok ;)

all the best

a fat jc
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cheers folks
much appreciated,if i had the money id seriously get lyposuction,yes i really am that impatient and lazy....i watched a programme in america and this bloke had lyposuction from his waist during his lunch hour from work...

i havnt actually eaten sugar for 3 months as im low carbing...when i say low carbing im also keeping the fat content low as well,i go walking alot but my metabolism doesnt know whether its coming or going(meds),i suppose im not doing too badly ive dropped 12 pounds in the last 3 months but the weight i put on was due to ...yep you guessed it 'alcohol'
i suppose im just reaching that impatient stage of losing that last stone (14lb's)
as for basketball now that is one american sport i love...american football is rugby for we say in the uk...all that padding i ask you !
well i have one redundant limb i might as well get rid of that should knock off around 10 pounds
wouldnt it be nice though to pay 300? go in for an hour and have 6 pounds of fat sucked out......
i have lost about 11pounds since giving up drinking,and now im exercising again....but its so frustrating having to constantly deprive yourself.....

i have been reading about the GI diet and it seems interesting but i usually eat three meals a day consisting of berries and lots of salad,fish,and the odd grilled chicken breast
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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