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how can i lose 1 stone (14lb's) in the shortest time

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im feeling can i lose weight quickly ?
i dont care how unethical it is (well apart from laxatuves etc...)but i want to lose weight quickly as i feel like a real fat lazy bastard lately...i want to do this without having to go running or working out as well...walking is ok ;)

all the best

a fat jc
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I'm going to write a book on dieting. It will be the shortest book in the world:

The Martinelv Guide to Dieting.

Chapter 1.

Eat less.

Chapter 2.

Do more exercise.
Thanks a rotten stinking lie SC, and you know it. It's something women say to make less well endowed men feel OK. Apparently.

And speaking of dogs and plastic surgery, I see that in America you can get plastic surgery for your pets - doggy face lifts being especially popular. WTF ? :shock:
I guess so SC. One must be humble when hung like a Shire Horse.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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