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how can i lose 1 stone (14lb's) in the shortest time

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im feeling can i lose weight quickly ?
i dont care how unethical it is (well apart from laxatuves etc...)but i want to lose weight quickly as i feel like a real fat lazy bastard lately...i want to do this without having to go running or working out as well...walking is ok ;)

all the best

a fat jc
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don't go out to eat. don't eat cheese, ice cream, or anything with a lot of sugar including soft drinks. Don't eat sausages, pepperoni, salami. don't eat fried foods. don't drink alcohol. This is actually pretty easy.

I'm 5'10" and weighed 190 when I graduated from college. Within about six or eight weeks after graduation I was down to about 167 or 168. Most of that came from not eating fried foods and drinking as much...and exercise (about 7 or 8 miles on my bike every day).

I really wasn't trying to lose weight until about two months later, I noticed in a picture how much skinnier I had become. I ate pretty much the same thing every day but definitely some fatty stuff here and there. Once again, I really wasn't trying to lose that much weight but ended up eating similarly every day.

Breakfast- bowl of raisin bran, banana, orange juice
Lunch- a sandwich, probably a side item like rice or green beans
( I kind of combine breakfast and lunch somewhat).
Dinnner- piece of chicken or pork, salad, one starch and one vegetable
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i seriously think not eating out is one of the best routes. no fast food. That's when you get into the greasy foods and all your fried foods like your fish and chips.

There is the cocaine diet which, I in no way endorse, but it seems to work wonders for college girls who have just put on their freshman fifteen (or forty).
Liposuction and plastic surgery are like walking the dog in warm locations like California, Arizona, and South Florida. Those are the vanity capitals of the world. All the girls and even a lot of guys have bleach blonde hair. All the guys gel up their hair. There is a juice bar on every corner which basically serves fruit, smoothies, and juice. None of that sh*t where I am from and thank god.

Basketball is a great game, however, it is a very frustrating game at my average height of 5'10". There are the few short guys with insane quickness, dribbling, and shooting skills who can hang with the rest but I find most good players are at least 3 or 4 inches taller than me which just makes things no fun.

I took classes in racquetball and squash in college and those are insane workouts.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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