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How bad can this get?

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Well since I already only feel about 40% conscious and I'm feeling weak and sick pretty much 24/7 why won't this eventually kill me? It just keeps getting worse and worse. Recently my psychiatrist upped my Prozac so it's possible that that's making it a bit worse. I usually only have DR but lately I've been getting bouts of DP which to me is so much scarier, and when they happen at once it's like you don't even exist. Am I ever just going to keel over from this? Has anybody passed out?
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When we're in a heightened state the accompanying thoughts and sensations can be alarming, but they can't hurt you and aren't any danger. They don't lead to anything, no disasters or catastrophes, so it's good to keep reminding yourself of this. The only way you might faint is from the same things that might make anyone faint, like if you stopped eating and had very low blood sugar, or a drop in blood pressure perhaps. I would talk to your doctor about any concerns you have about possible side-effects and have any necessary checks to help ease your mind.
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