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Hormones brought me back

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I’ve been disassociated for over a decade . Induced by multiple emotional trauma . I couldn’t break free . Tried every med , did ECt , lots of cognitive insight, knew it but couldn’t break free . This might sound goofy but I full on begged GOD to help . I’ve done that many many many times through the years . But this time my answer was another UTI. When to an urgent care clinic who also had a sub clinic in hormone balancing / optimization. Decided to try it . As i apparently had none - no testosterone- no estrogen. Wow inside of a few weeks I started to wake up . I’m still in awe of being awake . I’m fully ( mostly ) aware of the last 10 years - but I’m connected again . I’m still in literal AWE and I’m thanking the lord for the direction he nudged me towards .
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Yes , I’m a menopausal female . BUT the hormones are what did it . Even if you’re a male get your hormones checked . BioTe does it very reasonable . Males might need estrogen and females might need testosterone. We all have both in appropriate portions. And I’m am thrilled
Absolutely thrilled . I’m really back - it’s been 10 years . I’m finally back in my body . Sounds ridiculous- but I’d imagine people on here get exactly what I mean.
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