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hormone imbalance...dp/dr cause?

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everyone on this board has heard me say that i believe my dp/dr is caused by a hormone imbalance (although, i think many of them don't believe me). if anyone finds any research pertaining to this, will you please post it? i'll do the same, although i've been looking and haven't found very much. this could be helpful for some of us...
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Testosterone suppliments reawakened my DR and some DP symptoms that hadn't bothered me for 12 years. I don't know how or why. Maybe it affects cortisol levels. I read something about how testosterone lowers the temporal lobe epilepsy threshold, and that people with TLE have lower testosterone levels; maybe there's some connection there, I dunno. I do know that getting those damned suppliments was one of the stupidest mistakes I've ever made.
agentcooper said:
yup! i really know what you mean, tom! my dp/dr started (in my opinion) as a result of taking ortho-tricyclin birth control pills. i still think of that as one of the biggest mistakes i've ever made. the crappy thing is, that i absolutely need to take some sort of hormone regulating pills for my endometriosis...either that, or get a historectomy at the age of 27. actually, i'm supposed to be on something right now, but i keep chickening out when it comes time to start it. i just don't ever want to have severe derealization again. soooo frustrating!
So basically, you need some kind estrogen blocker, the very kind of thing that seemed to usher in your DP/DR in the first place. I'd hardly accuse you of chickening out for not wanting to take them.
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