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hormone imbalance...dp/dr cause?

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everyone on this board has heard me say that i believe my dp/dr is caused by a hormone imbalance (although, i think many of them don't believe me). if anyone finds any research pertaining to this, will you please post it? i'll do the same, although i've been looking and haven't found very much. this could be helpful for some of us...
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ive had dp symptoms since i was a baby, so i know its not caused by that. but after using progesterone creams to i guess 'balance' my hormones (given to me by some quack because i have irregular periods) ive had horrible hormonal issues that i will NOT go into here. :oops: definately one of the biggest mistakes i ever made.
my best friend miscarried, and was diagnosed as having polycystic ovarian syndrome. part of this is a hormonal imbalance of too much testosterone and the embarassing side effects that go along with it. she took this stuff called spironolactone. its this pill you take that lowers the testosterone, but it does nothing for the ovarian syndrome. looking it up, i think i have this. but the way she described the treatment (internal scrapings, biopsies, surgery to remove the polyps) im to terrified to get myself checked out. :?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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