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📖✒there was a time (back in june 2018) where i was beginning to feel better... but then i started to feel worse (i think in october). and i remember that i documented how i felt in june (i didnt remembered that it was june, i checked this in that mini journal entry)
by checking what i recorded, i discovered that, back in may 2018, i was taking citalopram, and i wrote a lot of things that i'm feeling right now, and a month after, i wrote again on that little notebook, but this time, that i was feeling more real, and the days after (or during that, i dont remember because i didnt write more) i was feeling really nice.
so now i'm really hopeful that citalopram will do me good
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the only thing that i regret is that i didnt keep a formal journal ever since i got dpdr, (recording feelings and meds that i took) because how i feel right now it's almost different from how i felt back then (i could even say worse) but if i had kept a good record of those days, maybe i could see that how i felt back then its no different from what it is now.
(i also believe that i began to feel worse in october due to withdrawal)
i encourage all of you (and me) to keep a journal, it turns out very useful in the future, because, as the saying goes: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (i had to look it up again)

i wish you all strength, we are all in this together ♥
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