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Hi guys,
I came to this site (or it's parental site) 7 years ago or so, when I first had symtpoms of derealization. I visit it now maybe once a year. I want everyone to know that I believe that each and every one of you is special, and that you will be able to get through this part of your lives. Life is so short, and you will find ways to overcome your FEELINGS, because that's what your symptoms are, simply feelings. Personally, I have learned to just live with it...and now, 8 years after my symptoms started, I have to pause and actually assess if I still have symptoms.
For me, I know my symptoms "stand" for something else, some repressed feelings or feelings that are too unbareable for me to confront. I know that someday I will be able to confront them fully, but for now I use derealization as an "excuse" for my insecurities/character flaws. For I know that I am in control of my symptoms, yet for some reason I still need to have this wall between myself and my surroundings.
Please know that you can still "find yourself" even with dp/dr. I read a lot of posts stating "I don't know who I am". Well, don't let dp/dr stop you from finding this out! A lot of you are young, hence the correlation of dp/dr with an early onset. You have to believe and let yourself be free to find out who you are, and it is never too late to do so! I know, easier said than done, but you will find that, as life moves on, your symptoms will either "leave" or attenuate.

***If anyone has symptoms of DR only, talk to your doctor about Adderall! I tried it 4 years ago, after I had tried more than 20 meds, and it helped me the most. Now I am on no meds and I'm in graduate school.

Take Care,

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Thanks for your kind words.
Like you I only visit this board now and then because distracting myself with other things (work and hobbies) has become part of my recovery.
I too have only recently realized that my DR is a sensation which on it's own is powerless. I've become much more aware of my subconscious, which to me is like a school bully that I am finally, after years of opression, standing up to.
What got me on the road to recovery was 5HTP. It didn't stop the DR but I became alot less obsessed with it, which gave me some impetous to start living again, which has further minimised the impact.
I now believe that I can totally recover and have had to face up to some major problems I have been avoiding for too long, mostly involving personal relationships. I believe that as I keep facing my fears head on and exposing myself (metaphorically speaking), I'll not only recover, but experience a level of peace I have never experienced in the past, dr'd or not.
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