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Homeopatic remadies or acupuncture any one tryed these.....

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i was wonderin if any one has tryed these ways to deal with dp/dr or hppd which i also suffer from please let me know if they worked or if they didnt do crap lol .
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I've been seeing an acupuncturist for the last three months, and overall I did find the experience helpful. When I first started seeing my psychologist, he wanted to cover all the bases before starting with traditional CBT treatment, and since my depersonalization was a direct result of meditation, he felt that an eastern medical approach might be beneficial.

So, I began seeing an accupuncturist, who diagnosed me with Qigong Psychotic disorder (it's in the DSM IV, yet Eastern medicine has a very different explanation for it). Since her English was very poor, I didn't understand her explanation of what was going on with me, yet what she did really seemed to help. After about two months of regular treatment, my condition stabilized, and a lot of the weirdest symptoms went away.

Since then, I still feel depersonalized, yet all in all, I definitely feel that the acupuncture has helped. So, my advice to you is to check out accupuncture, yet don't expect a miracle cure (or even any improvement). It might help you, and even if it doesn't, it won't hurt (much ;)).
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