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Hiya everyone

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Hiya everyone...I'm new to the site so I thought I'd say hi. I've been feeling depersonalized for nearly a year and I'm struggling to come to terms with it. I'm seeing 3 doctors - one of which is a consultant pyschiatrist and the other is a consultant pyschologist, and neither seem to be able to offer me any answers. I feel so confused. How do I know that I'm suffering from dp? Ive done a lot of reading about it and it's like I'm reading about myself. Any thoughts or comments would be great...nice to meet you all...cerries xxx
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Wow, a psychiatrist and a psychologist who don't seem to know anything about DP! I'm sure that everyone on the board will be just as shocked to hear that as I am (i.e. not at all). There's a lot of really useful info in these posts; you may have to go into your next appointment and tell Dr. Whatever and say that you read about a successful treatment and that that's what you want.

Isn't DP the worst? For years I thought I had something no one else had, that it was a totally unknown thing. I found it a huge relief that it was actually recognized and that I wasn't the only person in the world who had it. It isn't easy to treat, but it isn't impossible, and treatments should get better over the next several years.

Do you have it constantly or is it intermittent? What has Dr. No-answers tried as far as helping you?

Stoke on Trent - OK, what is it with the UK? Per capita y'all seem to have the highest incidence of DP, crop circles, and stories that end up in the World Weekly News. It's also my favorite country to visit, so I'm not "taking the piss out of you" (I learned that expression a few weeks ago).
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mrmole said:
I think it's more to do with upholding our quiant oldey worldey image...
Here's one of my favorite examples of that: I love their Manifesto section. I actually tried to go to the shop run by the guy who does the Sartorial Agony column, but it was closed that day.
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