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I take 25mg of Bupropion (BP) per day and it seems to help.

One pill is 150 mg. I peel off the slow release protection, pulverize the inside, mix it with 30 grams of sugar powder and then each day I take 5g from this mix.

150 mg BP seemed to be too strong, but no BP was also not so good, I kept experimentimg with these dosages and 25 seems OK.

I used to have problems with waking up. I woke up often into a half awake state, with full blown DP, it is terrible. With 25mg BP I wake up more easily. BP has a long halflife so the dose I take in the morning still has effect the next morning. A certain kind of activating effect.

Similarly I take slight amounts of Mirtazepine to help me sleep.

These are opposite forces so to speak. So the right balance is needed. Too much Mirtazepine makes me tired next day, too little and I don't have a good night sleep. This is something to experiment with, fine tune the medications.
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