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high blood pressure

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sorry i'm not sure who else to ask about this :?

anyways...for the past 2 days i swear i've been having heart problems. i know its uncommon for young females (i'm 17) to have heart problems but that dosent stop me from worrying. anyways...the other day i was sitting in the art room painting when my heart skipped a beat...or fluttered or something adn i panicked. ever since then its been really weird. yesterday i felt a small pain in my chest and today i have like a tightness kind of in my chest and my left arm kind of. ITs FREAKING ME OUT. anyways today i saw a nurse at school and he said nothing was wrong but i did have high blood pressure. it was like 140/something. actually i cant remember the numbers but he told me usually teens have 120/something. so im wondering what high blood pressure is exactly and how is it related to my weird heart? and possibly anxiety? ok thanks so much

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The heart skipping a beat may just be heart palpitations brought on by anxiety. The pain and tighness in the chest may be the same thing, just a symptom of anxiety and body scanning. As for your blood pressure im not sure, where you very nervous at the time she was taking it? I would think that would raise your pressure, but maybe you should check it again anyway just to make sure.
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