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high blood pressure reading

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my dad took my blood pressure today with one of those electronic machines...the last time i had my blood pressure taken (a year ago) it was fine... they give you an example of two readings

one reading being-healthy and the other one (over 140 i think) being a danger due to hypertension

well my first reading was around 146,then i took the test again and it was 140 x some another number which escapes only concern was the fact that im suffering from a very bad cold and im feeling very anxious today would this effect my reading or have i indeed got a not going to goto the doctors but im a little concerned...and i have put on a stone in a short space of time

all the best
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are these years of dp and stress and anxiety and suffering finally catching up with me
cheers john
yeh i was shaking with my usualy anxiety when i had it taken....time to get rid of the weight me-thinks
cheers folks but i think his gaget is a load of old bolloxs i took another reading and i was in the healthy zone
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